The Spiritual Significance of Music

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History of Music in Christian Worship

Music has been a significant part of Christian worship since the Middle Ages. At first, unison chant accompanied the liturgy. Psalms were sung. Over the centuries, the organ took a more prominent place in leading congregational song. In many churches today, the organ remains as an important and indispensable factor in bringing people closer to God. The power of music speaks to people in a way that words alone cannot.

Music at Georgian Shores United Church

Congregational singing is accompanied most often by the organ, but we use our piano every Sunday as well. Most music chosen for a Sunday service, from the prelude to the postlude, is carefully selected to support the lectionary and themes of a particular service.

Music in worship helps us all to learn about God, to pray, rejoice, mourn, and mark life’s other major events. Hymns, sung responses, and choir anthems are all part of the worship experience on a Sunday morning and at other times in our lives. Everyone loves familiar music. We are challenged by the outpouring of new musical sounds and texts that are often presented to us. Never before has so much new musical expression media been available to Christian congregations.

At Georgian Shores, we are blessed with many opportunities to explore music’s spiritual significance. It is considered a ministry on its own. Our choirs and musical ensembles offer musical messages, support for the people’s song, and a focus for fellowship, recognition, and achievement.