The United Church of Canada Begins its Celebrations


One hundred years ago on June 4, 1924, the 50th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada gathered in Knox Presbyterian Church (Owen Sound). The Assembly met for ten days. Here the Presbyterians voted on June 10th to form the United Church of Canada, comprising Presbyterians, Methodists and Congregationalists. The headline of the article in the Daily Sun-Times (Owen Sound) on Tuesday, June 10, 1924, p.1 “Church Union Report is Adopted Entirely”.

In recognition of this momentous gathering  event, Knox received the key to the city of Owen Sound. The key hung in the Sunday School for many years. It then was transferred to the Ninth Street [East] narthex. J. James took a panoramic photo of the Assembly gathered on the street. The photograph of the participants at that event hung in the Knox  narthex for many years.

Unlike the other denominations of the union, the Presbyterian congregations had the opportunity to vote whether they supported this move.

Acts of Parliament formed the new church. A document entitled the Basis of Union provided details.


An Act respecting the Union of certain Churches therein named.

Assented to 14th April, 1925.

WHEREAS The Presbyterian Church in Canada, The Methodist Church and The Congregational Churches of Canada have by their petition represented that they have agreed to unite and form one body or denomination of Christians under the name of “The United Church of Canada,” in accordance with the terms and provisions of a basis of union agreed upon by them, and that the Parliament of Canada has passed an Act to incorporate the church to be formed by the said union under the name “The United Church of Canada,” being Chapter 100 of the Statutes of 1924; and whereas the petitioners have prayed that an Act be passed by the Legislature of this Province to enact as hereinafter set forth with regard to the property, rights and powers hereinafter mentioned; and whereas it is expedient to grant the prayer of the said petition.

Therefore, His Majesty, by and With the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:-

    1. This Act may be cited as The United Church of Canada Act.”

Then on June 10, 1925, in the Mutual St. Arena in Toronto, The United Church of Canada held its inaugural worship service celebrating the union of Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregational, and the General Council of the Local Union Churches.

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, the United Church of Canada will begin its year-long celebration with a church service at 4 pm EDT. It will be livestreamed in English and French (on YouTube [link:] ) from the Metropolitan United Church in Toronto.