Colourful and Meaningful Covenanting Service

If you were looking for two words to describe the covenanting service held at Georgian Shores United Church on December 2, they would be colourful and meaningful. Revs. Gwen and Roy Nicol-Macdonald, Northern Waters Presbytery and the congregation made promises in this three way covenant among all parties concerning the ministry of our new ministers. Margaret Krauter conducted this portion of the service on behalf of Northern Waters Presbytery. We officially welcome and recognize Revs. Gwen and Roy Nicol-Macdonald as ministers of Georgian Shores United Church.

We journeyed through the seasons of our faith with the service following the church calendar with a Bible reading, a reflection, a hymn, symbols and liturgical colour for each season. Revs. Gwen and Roy placed different cloths on the lectern and communion table and changed their liturgical stole to match the season.

Colours and symbols presented during the Covenanting Service

Advent – Blue symbolizes the new church year. The sapling is a sign of new beginnings, both as Georgian Shores and the new ministry relationship.
Christmas – Gold is the colour of Christmas. The golden gift symbolizes the gifts we will share and receive as God’s people.
Epiphany – Green in the colour of Epiphany. The globe represents hope for the whole inhabited world.
Lent – Purple is the colour of Lent. The bread and cup – Bread broken, cup poured to give strength for the journey.
Easter – White is the colour of Easter. The Bible and the newspaper represent the living Word. We are people of hope, even in the midst of despair. This is our ministry.
Pentecost – Red is the colour of Pentecost. Spirit waters – Amidst the bright flame of faith, and in the rush of the wind – Spirit waters, is the covenant of our baptism.
Season Following Pentecost – Green is the colour of the Season following Pentecost. The scroll of prayers is a tangible sign of the prayers we will share for the ministry which belongs to all of us in this place, and in the world.

Rev. Gwen is wearing her Advent stole. Rev. Roy is wearing his Season after Pentecost stole.

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