Walking to Jerusalem (a special Lent activity) – Part 1

Did you know that it is 9,351 kilometers (5,810 miles) to Jerusalem? Did you know that Rev. Gwen has challenged us as a congregation to walk collectively that distance during Lent? Lent began on Wednesday, March 5th.

Keep track of your steps during Lent. Approximately 1320 steps = 1 kilometer. By wearing a pedometer, you can measure the steps that you take during regular day to day activities as well as walks you take indoors or outdoors. The public library has some pedometers to lend. We have borrowed some from the Health Unit so please check with the church office. Any questions?—Ask Rev. Gwen.

There are sheets of paper to record your steps on available through the church office. Didn’t get started on the 5th, don’t worry. If you can’t walk long distances, don’t worry. Do what you are able to do and let’s see how we do as a congregation.

Walking is good for the mind, spirit and the body. Don’t forget to let the office know the distance you travelled each week. Specify whether the total is in kilometres or miles.

We will be using the map below to track our progress.

2014 Walk to Jer 1

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