Don’t Skip Church experience Sunday Worship Online

During this time when Georgian Shores United Church has suspended church services because of the  COVID-19 pandemic, don’t skip church, one option is to worship by a virtual experience.

Excerpt of the letter Rev. Randy from Trinity United Church in Thunder Bay sent out to his congregation members. Their service is 10:30 a.m.

“There are a number of ways to connect to the service:

  • You can go to our website, (actually the home page “” has a link to the livestream and you can just click that button to go to the livestream page.)  You’ll find a media player on the page – just click the “Play” button and you’re all set.  If you have any trouble, sometimes it helps to Refresh the browser page.
  • Or you can join us on Facebook – just search for “Trinity United, Thunder Bay.”
  • If you have a ROKU box or a smart TV with a ROKU channel, search for our channel there – “Trinity United Thunder Bay”, and then you can add the channel and watch the service on your TV.

You’ll also note that there is a Chat Box on livestream page.  I encourage you to let us know you are there and feel free to engage in a conversation with others.”