Change the World Collection 2013

After a very successful Advent Change the World Campaign that supported four different international projects, Revs. Gwen and Roy Nicol-Macdonald have challenged the congregation to raise funds through the Change the World Collection to support two projects in 2013, with the funds being divided equally between them. The first project is a local project OSHare (Owen Sound and Hunger Relief Effort) [link] that will be providing an evening meal Monday to Friday beginning February 14 at Harmony Centre (former Knox United Church building). The world project is Sleeping Children Around the World [link] that supplies sleeping kits for children in different countries where there is a need. It is good to know that 100% of this donation will go to supplying the kits.

Don’t forget that each Sunday during the children’s time, the children and youth will be coming around with the baskets to gather your loose change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies are all accepted gratefully).

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