Change the World Collection 2013

After a very successful Advent Change the World Campaign that supported four different international projects, Revs. Gwen and Roy Nicol-Macdonald have challenged the congregation to raise funds through the Change the World Collection to support two projects in 2013, with the funds being divided equally between them. The first project is a local project OSHare … [Read more…]

Advent 4 – 2012

December 23rd was the 4th Sunday of Advent. The theme was love. Our change the world offering went toward supporting those with developmental challenges in China. These gifts are given through Gifts with Vision 2012, a Giving Catalogue from the United Church of Canada. The decoration for the tree this week was tinsel. The first … [Read more…]

Advent 3 – 2012

On December 16th, the theme was joy. Our special offering was to support young girls in Mozambique. Blue feathers were added to the tree. Next Sunday‚Äôs special offering to support The Home of Blessings in China that supports youth and adults with developmental challenges and provides baking supplies for the workshop. The young people lead … [Read more…]

Advent 2 – 2012

We celebrated Advent 2 with the theme Peace on December 9th. The children added blue ribbons to the tree to represent ribbons of peace that circle the earth. The loose change offering will go towards providing meals to young children and seniors in Colombia. The previous week, the congregation was generous and we gathered enough … [Read more…]