Advent 4 – 2012

December 23rd was the 4th Sunday of Advent. The theme was love. Our change the world offering went toward supporting those with developmental challenges in China. These gifts are given through Gifts with Vision 2012, a Giving Catalogue from the United Church of Canada. The decoration for the tree this week was tinsel.

The first week we gathered $200 [$30 each] to fix club feet with special shoes in Kenya. The second week we gathered $159.26 for nourishing children and seniors in Colombia [$25 gives food for 1 adult and 1 child for a week and $100 buys kitchen equipment for Community cafeterias]. The third week we gathered $190.60 towards protecting girls in danger in Maputo, Mozambique [$10 buys 10 chickens to provide eggs for meals and to sell OR supplies school or personal kits for 1 girl]. The final week’s tally is not yet available. Thank you to everyone who found loose change to put in the baskets.

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